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Christmas – My favourite time of year

Christmas really is the most magically time of the year. When the weather turns colder and you can wrap up warm and cosy, beautiful white snow (if we are lucky), the twinkling of Christmas lights and the magical feeling of Christmas. You may be thinking about the the loved ones you've lost or maybe your thinking about the memories you plan to make with your family. In this blog you’ll read more about what I love this time of year, from decorating our home from top to bottom to the little traditions our family have.

a green christmas tree decorated with gold, white and cream decorations

When is it too early to put up your Christmas Decorations?

Halloween is now over, and November has arrived. All across social media you’ll see videos of people getting in the festive mood and getting those Christmas decorations out of storage. But tell me when do you think it is too early to put your Christmas decorations up?

Me personally, if I could get away with it, they would be up already. As soon as it hit 1st November, I joked with Matt that they were coming down from the loft. I’ll just have to pretend that I don’t see the disapproving look on his face.

I was one of those people who put their tree up right at the start of November during Lockdown, after all we needed something to look forward to. The only problem is now I’m now itching to do the same again every year since.

One of my favourite activities is driving round in the evening with my best friend looking for the most extravagantly decorated house and just sit and admire. Each year we will return to the same house to see if they have added anything extra or if they have toned it down. But all I know is that we are never disappointed.

a beautifully decorated house with multiple  christmas lights on
Tracy's Treasured Keepsake HQ at Chrsitmas

Its one of the reasons that when we moved to Lower Stondon that I wanted to go all out with our Christmas lights outside and the decorations inside too from the usually tree, ornaments and festive cushions. It's hard work but I love seeing the girls faces when its all finished.

I’ll also use a scented candle to make the home smell like Christmas. This year M&S have these beautiful scenery candles that light up the glass when lit. As soon as I heard about them I dashed out to get a couple.

I wonder how long it will be until Matt lets me put them up?

Each year I add a couple of new decorations.

Every year I add a few new decorations to the collection. It might be a small ornament to display in one of the rooms or it might be a set of new lights for outside. Its so easy to go overboard with buying new things so it was a rule I told myself to prevent going over the top. But what is over the top really?!?

A white round ceramic christmas tree decoration hanging on a chrsitmas tree. The decoation has a wodden heart printed with the loved ones name and a little robin image

I love adding a new personalised tree ornament, whether its just a cute design or something that is linked to what might have happened that year. For example, in 2020 we moved home so we have a Bauble saying, ‘first Christmas in our new home’.

Last year I had a memorial tree ornaments to remember my grandparents.

Remembering loved ones at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time of year when you are missing an important member of the family. I remember when I was little it was tradition for the whole family to go round my grandparents’ house on Christmas day and enjoy a dinner together. The family is so big that the children would have their dinner first and then the adults. We may not have all sat together but all that mattered was that we were there together.

This year I’ve decided to add a tealight holder to the collection personalised with Grandma & Grandad to make their memory part of my family’s traditions.

Christmas Eve Boxes are a must

Christmas Eve Boxes are certainly something we have every year.

What do you put in a Christmas Eve box I hear you say. Well it’s all done to personal preference but here are some ideas

  1. A Christmas movie

  2. Movie treats whether it be popcorn or their favourite sweets

  3. New Christmas PJs.

  4. Hot chocolate and marshmallow mix

  5. Cute Christmas activity packs

  6. And of course the book we read every Christmas Eve before bed - ‘Twas the night before Christmas.

a white wooden box for christmas eve treats for the family to enjoy. with a printed image of santa and his sleigh

This year I’ll be adding a personalised mug for their hot hoc and marshmallows. They already have a gingerbread theme cushion to snuggle on the sofa with so I think I’ll choose the matching mug for them.

I’d love to see your beautifully decorated homes over in my Facebook community group

Even writing about all of this makes me so excited and eager to get in the festive spirit. For now I’ll keep myself occupied by creating all your beautiful memory bears and cushions that you all plan to gift at Christmas.

If you’ve missed the opportunity of having a keepsake made for Christmas then don’t forget you can gift a gift card whereby they can book themselves in when they are ready.

Why not subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don't miss any future posts, and whilst you're here why not have a look at what I have available to offer. I look forward to working with you in the near future and preserving those precious memories for you and your family.

Tracy x

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