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Preserve the memories of your loved ones with our beautiful memory quilted blankets. Made from carefully selected pieces of their clothing, each blanket is a unique and special tribute to the life of your loved one. Whether snuggled up on the couch or displayed as a cherished piece of home decor, this quilted keepsake is sure to bring comfort and warmth to those who hold it close.


With each stitch, we honour the memory of your loved one and create a timeless treasure to be passed down through generations. Order now and experience the beauty and comfort of a memory quilted blanket from your loved one's clothes.


Sizes: The quilted blankets come in 4 different sizes. Small (crib) approx. 70x90cms, we recommend 3-4 items of adult clothing, Medium (Toddler bed) approx. 100x125cms, we recommend 8-10 items of adult clothing, Large (Single Bed) approx. 110x170cms, we recommend 10-12 items of adult clothing and finally X-Large (Small Double Bed) approx. 130x180cms, we recommend 12-15 items of adult clothing.

Blankets take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Memory Quilted Blanket with Fleece

  • Our Quilted Blankets are made up of 3 layers. A patchwork layer made up of your loved ones clothes, a cotton backing fabric and a layer of soft quilt wadding sandwiched between to make it lovely and soft. It is recommended you had wash the quilted blanket and dry flat but if you really do need to wash it then do so on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees. DO NOT tumble dry. With blankets a quote is added as standard - These are clothes I used to wear, when you hold it Know I am There. Please provide name you would like to sign off. Please advise if you would prefer a different message.

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