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A patchwork cushion is a unique and meaningful way to keep your cherished memories close.
Made from a combination of your loved one's clothes, each cushion is one-of-a-kind and tells a story. Perfect as a decorative accent in your home or as a comfort item, this cushion will serve as a constant reminder of the special moments and memories you shared.


From the softness of a shirt to the warmth of a sweater, every piece of fabric used in the cushion holds a special significance. Cuddle up with the cushion and let the memories flow, capturing the essence of your loved one's spirit in every stitch.


Choose either a single side of patchwork with a plain panel of clothing on the back or a double sided patchwork cushion. 1-2 items of clothing is recommended for the single sided patchwork cushion and 3-4 for the double. But you can include more if you wanted.

Patchwork Memory Cushion

  • Memory Cushions will include a polyester inner cushion which is fully removeable via a zip fastening for easy washing. Cushion cover is machine washable. Do NOT Tumble Dry. To each cushion a quote is added as standard - These are clothes I used to wear, when you hold it Know I am There. Please provide name you would like to sign off. Please advise if you would prefer a different message.

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