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Making the most of your children’s school uniform

Are you sorting through their old school uniform but have no idea what to even do with it? Each year 1.4 million items of school uniform are thrown away, most school uniform is made of a mixture of material including polyester and acrylic – which are plastic. Resulting in 305 tonnes of plastic go into landfill from school uniform alone.

In this blog you I will share with you a great idea of a school uniform keepsake allowing you to re-purpose those school items and treasure the memories they’ve made with their friends at school. As well as some great tips of where to get their new school uniform from for the next school year.

It only seems like yesterday that I was taking that first school day photo.

You've chosen their first school, you've brought all their school uniform and you've ironed it all before neatly waiting for their first day at Nursery or Reception.

Now on the morning of that first walk to the school you stand them by a wall or front door to take that obligatory first school day photo. Knowing that every year you'll do the same thing and be so surprised at how much they've actually grown.

Girl stood in front of door ready for last day of school

Before you know it, that adorable cheeky little face smiling back at you has turned into a more grown up, independent child who is going into their last school year of their school. Maybe they are leaving primary school ready to move onto a school that seems so big for them or maybe they have finished their school years altogether and are leaving for college, university or work. Either way it makes your heart skip a beat.

This is where I am at the moment...

My eldest Elizabeth, is now in middle school. Those primary school years had gone so quickly but the last year I have noticed a huge change in my not so little girl. These years at school have helped to shape her into the young girl she is today and I although I certainly didn’t feel prepared for her to go off to middle school, I'm excited to see how much more she comes into her own.

But what can I do to hold onto those early school year memories?

Like most parents, we want to hold onto as many moments as we can to remind us of our small children who needed our help with everything.

red and white patchwork bear made from school uniform

That's why I'm currently planning a special school uniform keepsake bear because she's never going to wear that uniform again. We will be donating some of the uniform but there will be some key items I'll transform into a school uniform keepsake bear so in years to come she can look at the different items and hopefully it will trigger her school memories too. The teachers she once had, the friends she made and the things she learnt. After all these aren't just for us (or are they??)

Preparing for the new school year?

Buying school uniform for the new school year can seem like such a daunting challenge and especially if this is the first year your child is going to school. Therefore, I wanted to share a few of different shops I have used in the past or have been recommended by friends.

Be prepared that plain white polo shirts may not stay white through the whole of the school year. In fact, chances are they will come home with paint and pen on them in the first week. This is the reason why I purchased their polo shirts from a large supermarket, they are very reasonably priced and therefore you’re not too bothered if they get trashed.

School uniform includes polo shirt, trousers and jumper

Marks & Spencer have a great range of crease resistant skirts and trousers making your life certainly easier with less ironing required.

If you are looking to support a small business and you are local to Hitchin, Hertfordshire then you can visit Beat School Uniforms. Who also have 2 stores in Watford and Harpenden.

Elizabeth has always hated seams within her socks so when we discovered seamless Bamboo socks from Sockshop they were perfect and reasonably priced too.

When it come to naming their school uniform, I highly recommend Stamptastic save £5 off their bundle via this referral link You can order personalised stamps direct from their website with a permanent ink pad. Even after multiple washes the name doesn’t fade so no need to do it again. Simply press and stamp each item in minutes. No need to sew or iron any labels in. Save yourself some time, you can even use it on their shoes.

And what else is great is you can use the same again year after year, and if stored correctly you can use the ink pad again too.

What school uniform items can be used for a keepsake?

As you sort through their old school uniform you may be considering having a keepsake made. Here are the top 5 items of school uniform that I believe make a great school uniform keepsake:

  1. A School Jumper or cardigan with the school logo

  2. A polo shirt whether its plain white or coloured it doesn’t matter

  3. A pair of trousers or skirt

  4. A gingham summer dress

  5. A school Tie

You don’t need to include each of these items on a school uniform keepsake in fact I only require 2-3 items depending on the sizes. You can opt to have the school uniform keepsake made up as a patchwork effect with each of the items of school uniform, or you may choose to have it look as though its wearing a mini replica of the school uniform.

I work on a waiting list basis so when you are ready you can simple order direct through the website and secure your space on my list. Check out the header of this page to see when I am taking orders for.

Why not subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don't miss any future posts, and whilst you're here why not have a look at what I have available to offer. I look forward to working with you in the near future and preserving those school year memories for you and your family.

Tracy xx

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