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Which Baby Clothes to use for your keepsake?

Which baby clothes do I choose before Tracy creates my beautiful keepsake?

You have decided to have a keepsake made from those precious baby clothes you have kept hold of, but you have absolutely no idea of where to begin when choosing which baby clothes to use.

You would not be alone with this; I get a lot of questions from my customers when choosing the perfect items for a baby clothes keepsake. I thought I would create a blog covering the most asked questions that I get.

I hope this helps!!! .

Old baby clothes in storage

Believe it or not this is where the fun really starts. This is your chance to take a walk down memory lane and remember just how small they really were. Get those precious items out from their hiding place and have a good look through and stir up those wonderful memories. I can guarantee when you start looking through those clothes you will have too many to choose from and will not know which ones to include. You might also be unsure to what will work well together, or you may even have some in there you just will not want to be cut up. .

What about those clothes that I cannot bare to be cut up?

I completely understand how this can be a daunting thought. When looking through those baby clothes you may come across ones that you absolutely would not want to be cut for your keepsake. If so, just pop these to one side. Maybe consider one of those first ever sleepsuits so you can remember exactly how small they were when they were born. These are perfect for a memory box at the same time these can be a perfect addition to your keepsake, but it is something to consider. Whilst you are there, set aside any items that you would want to pass down to future siblings. It is so nice seeing their siblings in that Babygro you loved.

How many do I need to choose?

This comes down to which baby clothes keepsake you are looking to have made. Detailed below is the number of items I would recommend but you can always send more if you simply cannot choose. Any items I do not use are returned to you along with your keepsake or you can request that I use a piece of everything you send where possible.

Keepsake Bear / Animal & Single Patchwork Cushions 5-7 Items

Double Patchwork Cushion 12-15 items

Quilted Blanket (depending on size) 12-35 items "

"Testimonial: Tracy is so talented. She kept me updated every step of the way. I nearly cried when I saw the beautiful teddies she had made from my sons’ baby clothes. It really moved me as I can picture them both so clearly in those clothes. These teddies are so precious to me and they are lovely memories of when my boys were babies.

Are there any materials which I should avoid?

If you are looking to have a quilted blanket made, it may be worth considering how washable the fabrics are. Most baby clothes will have been washed many times so it means your quilt can be too. If you include hand wash or dry clean only items, this can restrict how you wash it.

I am having a blanket made, what baby clothes should I use?​

The below items are not suitable when creating a keepsake

• Anything shiny or slippery like pvc, leather or treated rain macs etc.

• Noticeably light fabrics like netting unless they are on a backing fabric or part of a skirt already.

• Heavy fabrics such as woollen coats

• Open knitted items or crochet. These will be those hand knitted cardigans or blankets

• Anything that cannot be ironed​

Quilted blanket made from old baby clothes once in storage

I have more items that is required, how do I choose?

If you have plenty of items to choose from, and you prefer a more coordinated look. You might want to lean towards a particular colour combination or theme. A mixture of spot and stripes look great with a few plain pieces as fillers. If an item looks garish against everything else you have chosen, it may be best to leave it out. Unless of course it is one of those precious items then leave it in. It is more about the memories that they hold and sometimes you would be surprised at how well it works. These will be the items that have a particular memory attached to them. The outfit the grandparents brought them, the outfit they wore when they first crawled or walked.

Consider the items that have your favourite prints or ones with motifs on. Motifs can work better on blankets, but you can still include a few on a bear/animal. It may only be a snippet but still recognisable.

The most pleasing keepsakes have a real contrast in them - light, medium and dark clothing with at least one highlight colour e.g., a pink or blue. From your pile of cherished clothes start picking out those ‘must haves.’ Maybe It is their first ever outfit or the clothes they came home from hospital in. Hold each item, the ones that make your heart skip a beat are a MUST to include.

Now I have the right number of items for my keepsake – what next?

When you have your selections laid out in front you should find you have a nice combination, and you may just need to then pick some plain pieces as fillers. Baby clothes have a wonderful way of just working with each other even when you did not think they would. If all else fails and you just cannot decide, send a few extras and I will pick out the combination for you. Just let me know which items are those must haves so I can ensure I include them in. If at any time you have any questions, I would be happy to help. You can even book a consultation call with me.

I hope you have found this useful and feel you can easily sort through those baby clothes. Why not subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don't miss any future blog posts, and whilst you're here why not have a look at what I have available to offer. I look forward to working with you in the near future and creating your own special keepsake.

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